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New designtek brake kit for VW Golf

Posted on Jan 18 2013 by admin in New Products, News
big brake kit front 1

I don’t know how many of you also follow us on Facebook but recently we put up pictures of one of our newest products to come in. We have a new Big Brake kit for a VW Golf Mk 5. We do both  Front and Rear kit for these. The brakes are made by our...

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Performance Friction RH665 DOT4 Racing Brake Fluid

Posted on Feb 23 2011 by PPCGB in New Products

RH665 is not the same as other Racing Brake Fluids, it has been specially formulated for racing applications, where braking systems operate at very high temperatures. It is a complex mixture of Glycol Ether Borate Esters and Polyalkylene Glycol Ethers together with advanced corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants and other modifiers. The result is an exceptional brake...

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Performance Friction Brakes

Posted on Sep 08 2010 by PPCGB in New Products

Performance Friction 2010 Production Performance Friction Race Compounds listed in the order of highest bite and torque. 07 Compound (Similar to Pagid RS15) 07 PFC’s latest high bite and torque compound has been designed for the GT and rally market and has gained immediate favour with factory teams due to its unsurpassed performance. 07 has...

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